Green Waste

Green waste is a part of SWATT that Kendall and Sei manages. This is where they utilize food waste and green waste so that they can be useful. The main project they are working on right now is the black soldier fly trap. Black Soldier flies’ maggots are a great source of protein as an animal feed for chickens.

The trap is designed to attract Black Soldier flies, Kendall and Sei gathered food waste wood chips and shavings and put it in a bin that they specifically made for this project. Once the larvae matures they climb up the bin where they fall on a prepared bucket. Maggots might not be too appetizing to humans but to chickens it is the best food to eat and a great source of protein. For those who are worried about chickens eating maggots, Black Soldier fly larvae produces an anti septic coat which makes them edible enough for animals. This kind of project helps get rid of green waste and food waste while reproducing healthy chicken feed.