Give and Take

This is where students can put things that they want to get rid of, but is not broken and can still be used by other people. This program lets students donate their time for 30 minutes in exchange of ten things that they can get from give and take. At some points Give and Take is one of the less appreciated places on campus, but the one that helps students the most.


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Around campus there are these distinct bins where people can put their unwanted, but still useful stuff. These bins are made by SWATT members. These are designed so that:  donations would be protected from harsh weather conditions, donations would be safely stored before it is taken to Give and Taken, and these bins prevents people from stealing from the donation bins. This program is to help students get rid of things that they cannot bring with them when they are going back to their places and so other students still on campus can get use of the things that are still in good condition.


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Give and Take has an array of useful things that are just waiting to be sorted. One of the most useful donations are the books. Every semester there are students struggling on finding required books. Either it is because these books are quite hard to find or because it is too expensive. Most books at Give and Take are in perfectly good condition. Some of these books has some markings, which can even give you great study tips and help in the future. Books in here ranges from leisure reading to textbooks that can help out with student’s needs.

Clothes and and even wedding gowns and tux blazers can be rummaged in here. After getting it cleaned it is as good as new. There are also a wide selection of shoes and slippers. Aside from those Give and Take also has toys for children and board games.

Give and Take is open Monday – Friday 9am-12pm; 4pm -7pm