Yes! There’s a farm available for student access at BYUH!

This farm services the students where they can give service and in return take vegetables that they need. Tim, the one who manages the farm, encourages students to come whenever they can and help out in the farm. So far there are chilies, green onions, tomatoes, tapioca, bananas, carrots, taro, and other plants that they can cook with. The farm wants students to learn how to take care of plants and to get to know the food they see at the produce section of the grocery store.


As college students going to school, keeping up with all their schedule, and maintaining their sanity is hard enough. To top that off these students are also drowning in expenses that they do not have money for. To cut expenses most students disregard healthy eating habits and succumb to the cheap meal of instant noodles and microwaveable food. The farm wants to help students to eat healthy without burning their pockets, and learn basic gardening skills even when they are living in dorms or housing that does not have enough space.


The farm now holds 24 gardening beds and Tim and his team, with the help of the students, are hoping to have 40 beds by the end of the summer. This can truly help students to stay on their budget and keep their

The farm is located at the back of Hale 5. It has an easy access gate where they can find Tim and help him out with the farm. It is open Monday to Friday 8-5pm.