Our Team

Our team mostly consists of BYU-H students from different countries. WE have people from the United States, the Philippines, China, Japan, Kiribis, Mongolia, Mexico, and Canada. We all work on specific projects that develop our skill sets and pushes us innovate on how to save resources, while expanding our energy source. Most of the people in our team have zero experience of what they are about to do in SWATT, thus the learning curve of this experience gives us the maximum ability to learn and grow. Each project that we do helps develop our character and our learning ability, and to top that off the skills that we learn in here are transferable and we can even work on these projects when we go back to our countries.

Our team wants to let each member grow and be a part of something bigger in the long run. The skill sets that we gain in SWATT not only helps our personal gain, but also helps the people that are around us. We all simultaneously work towards the same goal which helps us develop skills along the way.