We are an organization at Brigham Young University – Hawaii dedicated to finding ways to better use the resources we have: food, money, land, power, or materials. We are working together to help our campus and community become more sustainable. All while learning new skills and principles to take home and apply in our families, communities, and countries. Our projects focus on the four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Revive.

The main Mission of SWATT is to save, build, and improve. Save, as of now we are saving $1.71 a minute, which accumulates about 900,000 a year. This comes from almost any resources on campus. Starting with electricity, we changed high consumption light bulbs to lower energy consuming. We also provided installation of insulation panels in order to cut back with the air-conditioning cost on campus.

Some of our sustainable projects include energy conservation projects, organic farm (garden beds, hydroponics, and aquaponics), recycling projects, solar and windmill power, Free Ride recycled bikes, and much more to come.

Students from 10 different countries are currently on our team. They are absorbing principles needed to execute sustainable solutions and opportunities in their homes.